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Termite Control Service

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 They may be small and mostly unseen but, left unchecked, they could destroy homes and buildings. Records show that termite infestations cost Americans more than $5 billion in damaged homes and businesses each year. 

Most insurance policies don’t cover the damage caused by these nasty pests. Thus, it is up to you, home and business owners, to find effective ways to deal with this serious problem. 

 Termites Are Tough Pests to Fight 

 Termites eat almost anything from where they hide —your roof, walls, flooring, doors, cabinets and any other wooden fixtures including furniture. All homes and even buildings could serve as breeding grounds for termites. It is not strange to find a property hosting multiple termite colonies, with each colony containing up to a million termites. 

 We Guarantee a Termite-Free Home 

 If you see signs of termite infestation in your property, or if you just want to protect your home and office building from these voracious pests, do give us a call, and we will be at your location right away to assess the problem, provide solutions, and monitor potential future problems.   

Our experts use high-tech gadgets to detect termites wherever they hide. We use liquid and dry foam treatment solutions as well as baits to exterminate these pests and prevent others in nearby areas from attacking your property.    

 Call The Pest Guru for a free consultation. For your peace of mind, we guarantee you a termite-free home and office building now and in the future at a reasonable price. termite treatment termite control termite inspection Spring Katy Houston

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