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Spider control tips from the pest guru


 Most spider species are harmless to humans, but if you are one of the many individuals who cannot stand a spider, then you will want to escort them out of your house. As days get shorter, we begin to experience certain changes, one of them being the migration of spiders into our homes and gardens. Spiders tend to flee the falling temperatures and travel far to seek a mate and autumn is the ideal time for this. Here’s what you should do if you encounter an eight legged guest in your house.    

 1. Clean up Spiders like hiding in crevices. One of the ideal ways to avoid this is to keep your home neat and tidy. Carry out regular de-cluttering, cleansing and tidying. Use plastic storage containers instead of the cardboard boxes since spiders can’t crawl on plastics. Remember to vacuum and dust regularly to keep unwanted webs out of your house.   

  2. Garden Consider planting a eucalyptus tree in your garden. Besides requiring low maintenance and having a nice smell, the eucalyptus’ strong scent will ward off spiders. If there isn’t enough space for the eucalyptus tree, plant lavender or mint near or below the windows. The strong smell from these plants will keep spiders at bay.    

 3. Turn off lights Although light itself doesn’t attract spiders, it attracts insects that spiders like to feast on. Therefore, remember to turn off the outside lights to keep spiders away from your house. You can prevent indoor lights from shinning into the outdoors by utilizing opaque shades or blinds. If you really need to have the lights on, use yellow sodium vapor bulbs as they are less likely to draw spiders.    

 4. Use essential oils Spiders cannot stay in places where there is a strong scent. Gladly, most people use home fragrances, so this might be adequate. A good flavor that is effective at repelling spiders is the peppermint oil. Add 16 drops of the flavor into a spray can and then fill it with water. Spritz around the house to enjoy a great scent and a spider-free home. Other great options include cinnamon, rose, tea-tree and lavender. Make sure you change the oil you use regularly so that the remedy continues to be efficient.    

 5. Protect the exterior of your home Ensure that spiders don’t have access to your house in the first place by putting away anything that they might use to hide away on the exterior walls. Such items include compost, leaves, woodpiles, vegetation and grass clippings. Check door and window openings for any crevices that spiders might crawl into. Seal the openings using caulk. Ensure you cover vents with fine mesh and mend torn window screens.   

  6. Hire a professional pest removal company The beauty of hiring pros is that they understand exactly what suits a situation, so they don’t practice trial and error. 

When you call them in, they will not just exterminate the spiders but all other pests in your house. Just make sure that you hire a credible company with good reviews like THE PEST GURU 

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