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 Many Types of Birds like to nest in places on residential and commercial  eaves, roofs, gutters, vents and other places . In order to make nesting sites they dig holes in roofs and other areas to gain access to get into attics and other spaces.

Bird droppings can damage house siding, other types of metal or the paint off of cars. Droppings make sidewalks and driveways nasty looking and just generally ruin the look of your home. Pigeons in particular can create a huge mess on pavement and patios , cars, windows and bring a large health concerns.

there is health risks involved, due to the parasites that many of them carry, and from the droppings. Some of the diseases carried by birds include:

  • Salmonella - often called food poisoning, the bacteria is found in bird droppings which can dry and become dusty and then get sucked into air vents to end up on food or in water.
  • E.Coli - sometimes birds eat material from cow manure and that creates the risk of e. coli transmission through bird droppings that end up in water supplies or food.
  • Fungal infections - such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis that can affect the lungs or the heart of those infected and are primarily transmitted by seagulls.
  • St. Louis Encephalitis - an inflammation of the nervous system that can actually lead to coma and death.


  • Pigeons - one of the most common frequently seen bird pests that like to group together in giant numbers. Their droppings often dry out and turn to dust, which can get sucked into air vents and cause a number of health issues.
  • Seagulls - can be very destructive and are not only a risk from their droppings and parasites, but are known to be aggressive and willing to attack people over food .
  • Starlings - like to be nesters around homes and commercial properties that are notorious for flocking in big numbers. If you’ve ever seen clouds of dark colored birds flying out of trees near your home and raising a ruckus with their noise, it’s a good chance they were starlings. They leave a copious amount of droppings all over your property.
  • House sparrows - smaller brown birds that may not travel in huge flocks, but they tend to return to the same nesting places year after year, which can cause recurring damage to your home. pest control bird control service Spring Katy Houston

Grackles - Are very common here and can be seen in hug groups on buildings and trees. They can be very destructive and loud too.

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